Thursday, December 12, 2019

The Scarlet Letter Journal Entries free essay sample

The Scarlet Letter assignment #1 – Chapter 2, pages 6-7: I used the Visualize the Scene category. I can see Hester Prynne emerging from the prison. I can see that she is ladylike, tall, and beautiful. I can see her in a beautiful dress with the A embroidered on it walking through the crowd with her head held high and a baby in her arms. #2 – Chapter 3, pages 13-16: I used the Ask a Question category. Who is this man who has come into the town with the Indian? Why does he question a townsman about Hester Prynne? Why is one shoulder higher than the other? Why does he mention that heathens held him against his will? Who are the heathens? #3 – Chapter 4 – pages 26-27: I used the Clarify Something category. Oh, I get it! This stranger who has come into town is Hester Prynne’s husband! He has been in the wilderness where he learned some medical practices from the Indians who were holding him against his will. We will write a custom essay sample on The Scarlet Letter Journal Entries or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page They had a loveless marriage and he was much older than her and had a deformity. 4 – Chapter 5 – page 34-35: I used the Clarify Something category. Now I understand that Hester Prynne was allowed to provide embroidered articles for important people and that her needlework was on display on the clothing of the Governor, babies, and dead people. In contrast, she was never been asked to embroider a veil for a bride because of the nature of her sin. #5 – Chapter 6, pages 43-44: I used the Clarify Something category. This part is really saying that Pearl was strong-minded and wild spirited. Hester did not discipline Pearl like other parents of that time period. Hester did not use the â€Å"rod† to discipline Pearl as a â€Å"wholesome regimen for the growth and promotion of all childish virtues. † Hester stepped aside and let Pearl be her own person. #6 – Chapter 7, pages 56-57: I used the Make a Connection category. I understand that Hester and Pearl’s images were distorted in their reflection in the polished armor. Hester’s â€Å"A† is her prominent feature and the rest of her is small. Pearl also has a distorted image in her reflection. This reminds me of the mirrors and mazes at carnivals where your image is distorted to make you look larger or smaller. ) #7 – Chapter 8, pages 64-65. I used the Make a Connection category. I understand that the Reverend Dimmesdale is saying that Pearl should stay with Hester because she is a constant reminder of her sin. It is in Hester’s best interest to raise Pearl to be right eous because this is how they both will get to heaven. #8 – Chapter 9, pages 70-75. I used the Make a Prediction category. I wonder if there is any connection between Roger Chillingsworth being a man of Science and the Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale being a man of God. It is odd that these two men of two very different schools of thought would become such companions. #9 – Chapter 10, pages 83-84. I used the Make an Evaluative Comment category. I think that it is ironic that Roger Chillingsworth is talking about the burden of hiding secrets when he himself is hiding a secret. Even though Chillingsworth states that keeping secrets is taxing on the soul, he says, â€Å"Yet some men bury their secrets thus. †

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